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3-D is a sham
Within the last few months I have been to a few movies that were shown in "3-d" namely Avatar and Alice in Wonderland.  I enjoyed Avatar and hated Alice, but that is a different story.  My problem is not necessarily the movies, but the element of 3-d.  Personally I think they are a joke, a gimmick, and add nothing to the movie that be captured normally.  The way I look at it is the "3-D" is the equivalent of scale model of an x-wing and the glasses they give me are the clearly visible string from which it is hanging.  As a human being I can perceive depth, I can tell the relative distance of things by looking at them.  Simply having things in the foreground pop out does nothing to enhance my comprehension or appreciation for what is happening. 
    Moving on, as people we do not see in three dimension so the entire concept of a "3-D" movie is a misnomer and sham.  The things we see, (people, buildings, paper, etc...) are three dimensional, I know this, you know this, it is not up for discussion.  But what we see, the raw data going from our eyes to our brain, is in two dimensions.  I could go into more depth if needed, but please just bare with me.
    For me the only thing 3-D in a "3-D" movie are the glasses, which are uncomfortable, and probably unsanitary. When they hand me these one size fits all jagged plastic piece of shit, a little part of me dies instead (everytime). I don't know where they have been before they get to me, all I know is that when I leave the movie my eyes and ears hurt from where they were contacted by these travesties in ocular improvement.
    My next gripe came after I saw a trailer for Clash of the Titans, which I am excited to see.  But at the end of the trailer it said "also showing in '2-D.'" As if to say this recent discovery of an optical illusion, has forever changing the face of cinema, and if you feel nostalgic you can watch it in the inferior 2-D.  I'm sorry because I am rambling, but God dammit. IT ISN'T THREE DIMENSIONAL. It is just 2 two dimensional pictures overlapped in such a way that stupid piece of plastic allows your eyes to focus on both.

I would love to hear other peoples opinions on this and I swear I am open to listening to them, and I am out of time for now.
I agree with you.  It's a gimmick. and not even a good one.
I suppose there's a portion of techie's who love it for the wow factor and kids enjoy it because they're kids.
But good photography and a thoughtful story--and a magnificent, understated soundtrack don't need funny glasses.

Do you think that 3D distracts from the story? 

In response to Linda OReilly
Not sure if I would say that it distracts from the story, but I don't think it adds anything.  I suppose my real gripe is that it costs more... and the damn glasses.  For me, if I have to pay more then I should get more, and giving me a pair of dirty plastic lenses does not constitute as more.
As kids, my brothers and I were mildly interested in 3-D because it was when Viewmaster was in vogue. Used in that way, I think 3-D is a hoot.

However, when I saw "Avatar" in 3-D and later in 2-D (how I hate to say that), I realized that neither one was better than the other, except for the creepy-crawlies-inducing glasses. IMHO it is the story that makes the experience complete. If it's not good, it does not matter what-D you are pushing.

I believe, as do others on this forum, that 3-D is a gimmick, nothing more. It has barely improved over the years dating back at least to "Murders in the Rue Morgue." I will probably see "Avatar" again, but not at 3-D prices. It was beautiful, fascinating and a great story in just ordinary-D.
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