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A world full of Creeps.
I am not a woman. I am also not a creep. But it occurs to me, from the detailed reports of my female friends, that the world is in the middle of a very serious infestation. Every week I hear reports of more and more creepy encounters with men. These are encounters I have no first hand experience with because, for some reason that is beyond me (I look really good in jeans), I do not attract the creep demographic. But I trust my friends, and if they say creeps are out there, lurking on the same streets that I walk on quite casually, then they must be there.

And from their reports, I don't know how I can tell who is a creep and who isn't. They look just like the rest of us, they work the same jobs as us, there is probably at least one in your extended family. I'm looking at you cousin Jerry with the weird arm hair! I've heard reports of police creeps, taxi driver creeps, homeless people creeps, and even Alec Baldwin creeps. Not you Alec! Not you! But all of my reports are secondhand. How could they be anything different? Women are rarely creeped on in my presence, it happens when they are alone, and though we like to think it can only happen in the cover of darkness, I'm told it occurs in broad daylight too. From the reports of my friend, the world is a truly terrifying place!

So I beseech you ladies of THINQon. Tell me what's it like. Do you walk out of your apartments every day expecting some sort of creep to hit on you awkwardly and with an almost professional level of sketchiness? Do you award certain creepers points for creativity? Is the world as scary as it sounds? Admitidly I live in New York, and here I have a feeling that there must be something having to do with subway platforms that attracts creeps.

Tell me your creep stories! I want to collect them and write a dissertation! I'll do a TED Talk and change the world! Make it a brighter place for females of all kinds! YES WE CAN!
You sound like a good sidekick to have around in case the creeps attack.
Here's a story. I was once followed all around a large public space by a security guard. A small coordinated girl with a purse matching her shoes  --  I'm sure I looked extremely suspicious. Of course, I felt terrible. After about fifteen minutes of this he approached me in a calmer area and asked for my phone number. This confusion of public and private roles, playing on authority to have a certain effect is, I think, characteristic of a certain kind of creepiness.
Robin, you don't lay out a clear definition of what you consider qualifies as creepy. Some women would say an 'ugly' man attempting to flirt with them is creepy. Maybe you feel you don't attract the 'creep type' because your friends' definition and your definition are not one and the same.

Emily, that situation is one I think most women would call creepy and justifiably so.
Great example Nevada.

Unlike Rick's question on wearing high heels I do think that as men we have an idea what women are talking about when they mention creeps, even if not the woman's perspective.
I'll just throw some ideas out there:

It's a way men allow themselves to behave when no one is watching.

The inter-sex relationship, and particularly courting, is a bit creepy in its essence, and then like Nevada said, an ugly guy hitting on you is creepy, or a poor guy for some, whoever they think isn't an even possible fit.

Acting. When guy's hit on women they take on a persona and start acting, and that role can work in the movies, even be cute there, but in real life - Karaoke isn't always pretty.
(In case it wasn't clear, I didn't mean actual Karaoke, only the idea of replaying amateurishly a "role" from the movies.)

Stalking. Emily's example is a good one. There are many ways women get stalked. (Why women, men get stalked too). Is stalking ok? Depends if they like the guy, and it can always turn creepy in a flinch of an eye.
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