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Atheist's Mocking of Religion. Why?
Might be in over my head with this one, but I would like to gain some understanding because I am quite clueless. It might also have two subjects in one.
I am an atheist. I was raised a Catholic but somewhere around late high-school to early college I started to see the world differently and slowly, my beliefs changed. For a while, I thought was a deist, but felt that atheist defined me better. 

A friend of mine is an atheist as well, but quite different than myself. For one, his BA is in Philosophy/Theology, and loves theory. He can talk to you about Plato and any of the greek philosophers. His world view is based on fundamentals, logic and reason. 

I'm quite the opposite. I relate to the world through my emotions and my ideals, how I feel about things and possibilities. What ifs, and whys. 

He also confuses me. 

In his atheism, he is quite militant. He is a follower of Richard Dawkins and is not shy about making fun of religion, saying things like "holy-roman assholes" or posting pictures like this on his twitter. 

I'm sure this is nothing new, but for some reason, I don't understand it. What's the logic here? That something you don't believe in isn't worthy of your respect? Why is it that I could never bring myself to openly mocking or making fun in this way? Is it my personality? Is it that I don't like teasing? Or is that I'm not really atheist? 

(And as I read over my post, I have no idea what I am.)
First of all, to know what you are, it might be a good idea to give some thought about what you believe.  You say you are an atheist, perhaps a realistic review may be in order.   As far as why other atheists are so agressive or beligerant towards religious people, it might be that they are angry that they don't have anyone to blame when they screw up.  They may also feel that dieing is a waste of time and why should they do it, "All dressed up and no place to go."   I don't know you, or anything about you, so I'm only guessing but you may only have doubts that need some serious thought. 
Do some reading on atheism.  There's good information out there.
I'm not an atheist but I don't buy into religion.
If there is some great power or originating force nobody knows what it is.
I respect the world around me--all of it.  And I do my best from day to day. (My best isn't all that good, sad to say.)
Do the best you can, Ximena, that's all any of us can do.
I'm surprised that your friend is so rude.  Maybe you should find a new friend. (Or maybe he should keep going to school)
Logic and reason do not preclude thoughtfulness.

You'll be ok.  It's good that you're asking the questions.  Don't let it get you down.
Ximena, your friend may think his worldview is based on fundamentals, logic and reason, but I'm guessing that if you look hard you'll find there's plenty of emotion and irrationality in the foundations that he's in denial of -- just like anybody else. Even if we can rationalize our intuitions, it doesn't make us rational.

Without knowing your friend, an obvious indication of this is actually his atheism! Atheism (as opposed to agnosticism) is a rejection of religion, which is equally irrational as acceptance of religion. To say anything about spirituality, even if it is negative, is to depart from logic and reason. His hostile attitude towards religion, as manifested in his rudeness towards symbols that many people cherish, is further indication that his attitude is hardly analytical.

I find that people who believe in something are ridiculed without provocation by those who don't believe more often than vice-versa. I always thought that this is a form of self-reassurance in the face of what they perceive as another's self-righteousness. This is really uncalled-for, I think it's important to maintain a balance between spirituality and rationality in your life and respect this balance in others.
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