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Blood Libel
Can I be defending Sarah Palin? Gulp. I think so. I have to believe the outrage over her usage of "blood libel" was totally contrived. Are Jews really offended? Of course not. I seriously doubt Jews feel any particular ownership of the term "blood libel." Do they regard diaspora or ghetto or pogram as exclusively theirs? Or holocaust? No, and why should they? After the Tuscon shootings, Palin was virtually accused of having blood on her hands, a far-fetched charge given that there's no indication that Loughner was in any way influenced by her. So, from her point of view, it was a "blood libel." So I agree with her. Except for the timing of her video, her tone, her poor-me perspective and virtually everything else she says or stands for.
You're quite right, Michael.

I don't believe that anyone here has laid any blame on her other than the deficiencies you mention.
I can only speak for myself when I say that Mrs P. is the very model of a modern ignoramus and that I
continue to be appalled and ashamed that anyone in the USA would consider her for Commander in Chief.

But people do.
How sad.
Sarah Palin is dangerous and needs to go back to Alaska and take care of her kids.......(joke). Seriously she is not equipped for anything even close to
her political aspirations and I think if we ignore her, she will go away. Wth that said, I can't blame her for the Arizona shootings BUT it would be respectful
and a gesture of decency for her to stop her malicious rhetoric. I am hoping she has the basic intelligence to recognize that.

In response to Deborah Stone
"Sarah Palin ... needs to go back to Alaska "  What have you got against Alaska?    <<Wicked grin!>>
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