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The Living Room General Cluny Brown or impulse versus a planned path
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Cluny Brown or impulse versus a planned path
I thought of starting a discussion here about Lubitsch’s Cluny Brown,  or how to choose between an impulse versus a well planned path.

I’ve watched several movies by Lubitsch and this is my favourite till now, Cluny Brown.

I think one should see the movie before entering this discussion as I’d like to discuss one of the last scenes.

Cluny is fascinated by Mr. Wilson who has well planned the trajectory of his whole life from birth till death. There is no doubt on his mind on where he will be and what he will do in coming years.  He belongs to the place he’s created.  She wants to belong there as well, and settle down to a quiet life. Only she has impulses, one of them, her love for plumbing, showed Mr. Wilson that she might not be the perfect Ms. Wilson.

Here is the place where she’s faced with a choice between a well planned future and following her instinct and natural impulse, look from 3.37:

Of course it’s a movie, and everything is made possible and beautiful, but how many times in life are we faced with taking a decision affecting the rest of our life? Take a train to the unknown, or doing what's expected from you. How can we build up enough knowledge about ourselves and about life in general and make the right choices?
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