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Creative Writing
A friend mailed me a story by Etgar Keret just published in the New Yorker:

The story is from his recent book (recent in Hebrew, upcoming in English) suddenly a knock on the door, full of such marvels. I recommend it wholeheartedly. It’s a beautiful story on the power of creation of writing, with the play on words of “Creative Writing” and writing as creation. How writing frees us and brings life to the world, all told through a creative writing class. He beautifully shows how people’s writing can speak where words can’t, and how quickly writing makes an emotional connection.

I feel this is one of the benefits of THINQon. It makes you write, improves your skills in getting your point across in an interesting way, and makes you and others think . I feel the same way about music, but I like the different manner in which writing and thinking develops one, and the different joy it gives you.  

I was wondering if people here took creative writing classes, what they thought of it and if they can say what they learned from it.
Books Discussed
Suddenly, a Knock on the Door: Stories
by Etgar Keret

I like to write fiction so I took a creative writing course.  My attitude was that it's always good to go to the masters but I wasn't thrilled about it--school, you know?
Years later I still take creative writing classes, for the writing of course but also for the society. It's a carnival of of depth and light and invention and revelation.
I have to say something about aging now.  I've always been a writer and I've always known I wasn't good at it but age has given me the gift of doing it for the love and pleasure I find in it.
It also helps that I don't have to make a living doing it.  I go to conferences and my heart aches for the poor young creatures who are meeting with agents--all hope and terror.
Like a finger painting five year old, I splash around and make a mess.  It's just too good.
And the society can't be beat. 
Thanks for the heads up, Edna, about Keret's book and the link to the story.

In response to Linda OReilly
Linda, I see exactly what you mean in having fun, splashing with the paint around and enjoying the mess. We are often obliged to have a clear-cut, ordered, aesthetical and clean (up to sterile) life. I think there is a child in everyone that wishes to play around, and the advantage of coming back to children’s play being an adult is that one can play and improve at the same time.
The great thing about writers groups is deadlines.  Most people who aspire to being creative writers are beautifully creative in their heads.  Getting it down on paper or electrons and getting it out the door and having it criticised by other people -- this is different, and in the end, far more creative in the true sense. 
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