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Dark Poetry
Where is the sunshine in my stormy personnality.
Where is the hug when I am as cold as ice.
Where is the smile when my frown is cracking mirriors.
Where is my heart when I have broken it in my soul.
Where is my compassion when I know longer care.
Where is my mind when I have no thoughts or ideas.
Where is the laughter that I use to have but now has been silienced.
Where is my breath that pressious part that keeps me alive.
I have know answers I have no thoughts I have no problems.
Such no-ing knows no other where,
No other, whence all inspiration comes.

Inhale now and surely know
That we and all are simply one,
All other where is done.
Light Poem

We are all connected, none of us apart
We only feel alone, due to an illusion of separateness
Take a breath, the universe breathes
Bask in the warmth of denying false illusion and be loved. 
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