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Dealing w/ evil
Horrifying. And you can’t even just pin it on the govt here; it is members of the larger community. 

I know the question of evil in the world is unanswerable, but I’m just wondering if folks have any particular ways they deal with it. How do we continue to find meaning if we’re in ordinary jobs (I’m a music professor)? Yes, we can give charity and try to live a good life and set a good example, but it seems very little.

Is it all just a sliding continuum of cruelty? People are cruel in so many ways, from thoughtless or uncaring to selfish or, worse, malevolent. Just wondering if anyone has discovered some wise ways to both get through the small cruelties that simple life inflicts, and to find meaning in the face of such unspeakable cruelties as in this article. Thanks in advance for any individual or collective wisdom.

Perhaps this just caught me at a down moment. I was going to share it on Fb, but it just seemed too sad for a social network, and plus, I thought perhaps the thoughtful comments I've seen here in the past would reaffirm a better side of human nature. Thanks for your patience w/ what, again, I recognize as a basically unsolvable issue.


Hi Sharon,

Look at this thread: post  It's titled Watching the World Blow Up.
We discussed what you're talking about.  Read it over and tell us what you think.
Is it what you're looking for?

In response to Linda OReilly
Dear Linda,
Thank you so much; it did help. In particular, the idea of focusing locally, and making the difference that way, was both resonant and comforting. Recently I have also been trying to make changes in my own life, and to find peace with the idea of small changes leading to lasting ones, as opposed to trying for the high drama or instant transformation. This fits; rather than banging my head against the wall in a kind of despair, the small steps which are possible give pieces of hope. I guess in the end the universe is made of the tiniest of particles and yet it is infinite, my beloved music and literature are made up of single notes and words, there is also the famous analogy of dropping water on a stone, etc.
Anyway, thank you for your response; just the fact that you have responded is helpful in itself.
Sending warm thoughts.
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