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Discussion board etiquette
I am in a major blue funk meltdown mode, which was maybe the objective of THE GAME, I dunno.  But basically I have encountered on almost any discussion/social/news forum board I go to these roving bands of thugs and their cohorts who, it appears to me, only get up in the morning to see who they can "screw" with next.

The compelling example today is my "chat" if you can call what the gladiators/christians/lions did with each other "chatting" on a news forum of a group of people which has its allotted number of losers (the people who don't seem sincere or reasonable) but then there are others who appear for all intents and purposes to be sane, moral, "normal" (whatever that may be) people who you would hope would balance out the jackals.

Let me say the specifics of this weekend and I think you might understand:

I recently saw this horribly disturbing article about an event last week in the Mid-East.  More specifically: The Taliban Executed/Hung a 7-yr. old boy on accusations of spying but I believe it was to make an example out of people (his grandfather) who don't cooperate.  The article was bad enough on its own but then I started thinking about it as real people, not just some horrible vague idea of someone "over there".  Every little boy and/or girl (even adults) that I can think of would have been so scared as to be unable to walk, to be crying surely for his mother, for someone to help stop this nightmare.  And  I don't and can't comprehend what kind of mentality it takes for an adult to take that screaming child and drag and/or carry him to be hung in public like some kind of side show circus act.

The idea of this monstrous and hideously cruel act preys more on my mind as time goes by and even moreso when I contemplate the unconscionable, imo, actions of some of the board/class buffoons.  It all deteriorated rapidly and basically ended with the primary cretin/bully telling me to either kill myself or else someone might do it for me and further that the article was the funniest thing they ever read.

Which made me sick and blew my mind.  I know these people can be cold but COME ON?  Then to make matters worse when I reported him to the newspaper (and I know it sounds crazy and you will say there has got to be more to it but trust me I got nothing to gain by lying I NEED to understand) banned me and left everyone of those jerks happily on their way to whatever mayhem is next on their list.  They were having a ball with the whole thing.

Similar circumstances on complaint sites about banks, etc., people rip into you like cannibals accusing you of being a deadbeat drain on society when you are talking about the bank's dirty tricks.  Any website I've gone to exhibits, sooner or later, some moreso than others, this same type of absolutely (to me) unacceptable behavior.

What in the world gets into people have they nothing better to do?  I wonder if its just me or does this happen to others?  Basically, I consider it bullying, like you hear about with kids but because its adults the attitude seems to be "oh well" obviously since I rocked the boat and got banned.  But I'll tell you I squeal loud and long if I see this happening to someone else because if you ask me thats what perpetuates it, everyone witnessing it is just so glad they aren't the one getting a new one ripped that they join in the fun.

I have been depressed, absolutely miserable, I FEEL LIKE I SHOULD BE ASHAMED, on one hand, and on the other I feel outraged and I would really like to talk to someone at this newspaper for one to tell them they got the last dime of mine they will ever see and also just to ask them what kind of morals this newspaper has?  Its not adult behavior and it only makes it worse when it goes from the initial bully to his buddies to the silent onlookers and then to the "host" in this case the newspaper.

People say "well its their ball field and they can do what they want" and maybe so but i"m not talking about legal I'm talking about morality.

This makes me want to barricade myself inside my home, lock the doors and windows and just leave society behind.  I guess I'm taking a chance here too and lemme tell you, if you are one of those and you are looking for a weak victim, right now I am because I'm just about at the end of my patience and my rope and my tolerance for this stuff.  It makes me want to scream and throw things and now I sound like the nut.

Help me somebody please make sense, if there is any, of this boorish, rude, socially objectionable and heartless behavior.  I really really need to know.
The same thing happens to me, Sis.
I don't write on any other sites but this one anymore.
Well, I write to the NYT occasionally but they keep the buffoonery to a minimum.
I don't watch the news much anymore either.
I check in once or twice a day to see if there's anything I should know about or if there's anything I can actually do anything about and then I scoot out of there.
We can't do anything about the buffoons.  So don't twist yourself up into knots over it--they've always been out there and they always will be.  Don't be part of their audience.

As far as the seven year old:  the young and the helpless have been victims since forever--you already know that.  Let it go. And if you are a praying person then say a prayer for his little soul and for all the terrified others.  That's all you can do.

Instead do the beautiful things you've always wanted to do.  I think that's the best way to stick you're tongue out at the idiots--live the life you want to as best you can and leave them languishing in the trailer park.

No amount of suffering on our part is going to decrease the ignorance and cruelty of others. 
Occasionally you'll lose your cool--I had a tantrum over world-wide stupidity just this morning--but I'm better now and I'm going out to play.
Live completely, Sis.  Revel in life for all the people who can't.

Best to you.

In response to Linda OReilly
Thanks for your very intelligent response and your information.  I don't watch TV either, haven't since the "switch" to digital as my TV  is older but works great and the decoder box turned out not to be as simple as they said.  That's a whole other thing but anyway your are correct in your outlook but I guess (it may be a lost cause but I always wonder what kind of person has this attitude and why.)

I have always been interested in people, different kinds of people etc. and enjoy writing fiction and nostalgia pieces from time to time.  I have enough math skills to balance my  checkbook and know that if (lol this is like grade school) Sally has 24 pretzels and four friends are coming over how many pretzels can each friend have?)  That and keep my checkbook balanced unless I neglect it too long.  But my interest and thoughts are with people and all the various stuff surrounding that.

Even if I learn to deal with it, is it right to turn away from these jerks?  I mean surely you've heard about the recent (multiple) cases of teens who kill themselves after being bullied and that is what this is.  If you ask me one way to curtail bullying is that whoever sees it, like if your friend is doing it, maybe he thinks you find him cool to do that and by your silence he keeps on thinking that and then it multiplies.  I know of one particular instance, granted it was very involved, but I know of one person who did do just that but it was more than a day-long thing on the net, it was a systematic effort to harrass her.   She finally did exactly what they suggested and killed herself.  I wonder if these people found out and if they did I wonder if they cared or if they just  said "so what".

The problem has a solution but it requires group effort and since I can't control anyone but me then I suppose its a lost cause.  I guess I don't know why people who try to impress others with their intelligence and refinement and so forth, how do those people reconcile the "elite" them with the ones who witness cruelty and just say "oh well".

Some might say I'm borrowing trouble but it seems  to me, granted on a much smaller scale, this is the same question they asked of the German people who lived in the farms surrounding Auschwitz and Treblinka and all the other death camps.  They asked/accused "Why did you turn away.  Surely you must have known/suspected something".  It's the same concept, the same principle.  Like I said, I realize I can control no one but me (and the way I was feeling I wasn't so sure about that sort of) still this question and this behavior nags at me.  What kind of people do this?  Do they have horns or do they look like me and you?
Hi Anne,
I understand how you feel and you are correct.
Most of us are limited in our talents, in fact all of us are.  We each have a circle of influence where we can make some headway.  Mine is here communicating with my cyber -pals and with my family and my friends and before I retired, with my co-workers.  That's just being realistic and doing what I can to the best of my ability.  I vote and I contribute to a few causes that I think are worthy.

Some people have a wider circle to work with. Barack Obama, Rush Limbaugh,  Queen get my drift.

Bill Moyers does a heck of a job. 
What I'm saying is that none of us should hide our light under a bushel but some lights are brighter than others. Or they shine in a different direction.
Each one of us has to do what we are able to do well and the first step is to be brutally honest with ourselves.  What is it that we can accomplish given the gifts we possess?

What is your area of expertise?  Can you make it work in the wider world?  Are you charismatic in some way?  Do you have the ability to sway opinion from a lectern or a TV station?  Or are you busy raising children?  If you are then educate them and talk sense to them and  raise them to  recognize their talents realistically and to develop them fully.

If we each try to give it our best we'll hit the b**tards from all levels.  Obama can't do it alone--he needs the infantry and that's us.
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