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Divorce or Forgiveness?
Hi everyone, Would you forgive a cheater-spouse? why or why not? 
Let me first direct you to a discussion on monogamy. That is to say that depending on how long you've been married there is probably going to be cheatingt. On the other hand, you're young so you might not have been married for too long and then if there is already cheating divorce might be better.

That is, what is your relationship like? That is the real question.

In response to John Stevenson
Thanks, John! I'm reading the discussion on monogamy right now. New here on THINQon.Will get back to you after I pore over the pages.  


In response to Maleficent
Adam Philipps (the author of the book "Monogamy") and my cheater of a husband would be such great buddies if ever they would meet. why, being told that "Not everyone believes in monogamy, but everyone lives as though they do," would surely  inspire my better half to not only justify his behavior, but also work at convincing me in taking his and dear Mr. Philipps' side.

I found the discussions on "monogamy" thoroughly enlightening, and although my convictions remain the same (including that monogamy is a familial commitment), I am beginning to understand the act of cheating more and more.

You already answered my question on forgiveness with your first reply, so thanks. I however, still do not know which option to take.

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