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Favourite Women

Arguably the most famous female pirate of all was an Irishwoman-Anne Bonny -legend has it that she was a red haired beauty with the spirit to match it !
My own ideal dinner date would be the Polish poet Symborzka whom I absolutely adore from afar-and if it had to be a Hollywood actress it would be Mary Astor-how Bogart could turn her in at the end of the Maltese falcon is beyond my comprehension-mind you I feel that if the wonderful Ms.Bacall had  been the femme fatale he would have behaved differently !
Although we Irish are more sexually f*cked up than most other nations I do take some comfort that most of our writers like Wilde,Joyce ,Beckett,Yeats show no apparent misogyny and tend to portray strong,smart,witty,capable women-I'm giving our most renowned populist writer,Bram Stoker, a pass as vampirism doesn't lend itself to free thinking gals........
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