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Floating Sea Tree
Has anyone heard of this latest architectural invention?

Apparentely it's a structure designed to support only plant and animal life in the middle of a sea, river or harbor of overpopulated cities like New York where the costs of the land are very high.

It's a way to use an unhabitated territory to develop again green space, flora and fauna that would also improve the pollution, but this space is not for humans to visit.

What do you think? Makes sense to build an expensive building-floating-tree for no one to be able to be there, or wouldn't it be easier to use those ressources to plant a forest on land, or is the architectural feat the important element here? A new Babel tower, who has heard of trees living off the sea?

Here is  picture of the project:

Doesn't it remind you of the planet of Avatar?
Having seen many architectural projects advancing on the see in other parts of the world, I’m in doubt about such a project: too ambitious, too costly, not in harmony with the environment… Should we consider this project as a symptom of a madness called “folie des grandeurs  ?”


I’m also surprised that such a project could be developed without any feasibility study on the impact of the planet’s warming: what would happen in case of a rise of the water’s level ?


This project is beautiful… just for our dreams.


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