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I have a friend who will have a small but friendly conversation with someone he will very likely never see again and then he'll part from that stranger by saying "I hope you have a good life." That's a statement that can easily be misinterpreted and I've seen it net him a few nasty or inquisitive glances, but for the most part it's true and he means it very sincerely. And it's a kind of nice send off: "Hey, we're never going to cross paths ever again, I hope things go swell for you." I wish all goodbyes could be that easy.

I hate goodbyes. People make big deals out of them. If there weren't any social repercussions I would always leave without saying goodbye. I would sneak out the backdoor and let them all figure out on their own time that I wasn't there anymore. Especially today with this magical keyboard connector goodbyes are practically meaningless. I SWEAR I"M GOING TO SEE YOU AGAIN! We can skype! (That's always a lie I use when someone goes far far away, I'm really not going to skype, but I will email!)

I recently had a friend say goodbye to me. She is going away for an entire year and we're pretty close. She cried at the moment leading up to the goodbye. It was touching, but I didn't want her to cry. Goodbyes can be happy events too. Time spent apart can add meaning to the relationship. Goodbyes should constitute a feast and a send off, a party. (Everything should constitute a party) Goodbyes mean a journey will be had, they should be filled more with excitement than regret and sadness about leaving. Goodbye. Have a good bye. Have a good journey. Have a good life. I think we should pick up my friend's saying for all goodbyes. When you leave the office tonight tell your co-workers, have a good life. That's actually a bit foreboding, but still...

I'm probably just being overly un-sentimental. I just don't like the whole process of a big goodbye. I'd rather just not draw it out because really they are sad. Watching my friend cry was heart-wrenching, I'm going to miss her. Why should we draw out goodbyes and give them so much attention when they are by nature sad events? (Unless we're saying goodbye to a horrible president or such) Can't we just make it a quick hug and be done with it? I'd rather come to terms with separation on my own. But the thing to remember is when there is a goodbye there is also its cousin, the reunital, and those are the happiest things of all time
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