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Senator Evan Bayh (D-Indiana) recently announced he will be leaving the Senate. He cited gridlock in the beltway, i.e., Congress not accomplishing much, as his reason, saying  (paraphrasing) that he was pretty much fed up with nothing getting done and partisan politics being the norm. Of course, those left to suffer the most from this non-action, this lack of accomplishing anything on the part of our elected representatives are the American people. Add to this the overwhelming evidence of Republicans (check the voting records of ALL members of Congress, but the Republicans currently are opposing just about everything) continuously saying "no" to anything that President Obama (or the Democrats ) propose, and it's easy to become cynical and not care (a friend of mine actually posted on Facebook that he was giving up, that he was just going to tend his gardens, love his pets, hang out and enjoy good times with friends and shun politics and activism altogether. I can't say I blame him).

My question:  What is it going to take to get past this political gridlock? Lots of times I hear that we need to "vote the incumbents out," and get some new blood into Washington. But isn't it more than that? Typically, most well-intentioned candidates become just like the ones we complain about now, getting greedy, being bought by lobbyists, insurance companies, etc. How can we the people change the system. Is it even possible and how long might it take for real change to be realized?
i don't know Steve, no one can or does...what needs to happen is a revolution of the mind...either the people in power have to elevate their thought processes and start standing up to the financial interests that run everything, or we have to get new people in there who, we the people have more power than we realize, yet no one sees it or even cares enough to...there are ways to collectively boyott the whole system, but folks are either too scared or too ignorant to even begin considering the time goes on and things get more desperate, however, it'll become more apparent
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