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Hardware, Software, and aging
A passing thought:
When our computer ages and starts becoming slower and the urge to get a new one rises, we usually assume it is the hardware that is deteriorating, while in fact it is often the software that has gotten bogged down. Either because of viruses or a long string of installations and removal of software, things get bogged down. Many computers would still be quite good and all they need is a reinstall of the system.

I think this is a good metaphor for people too. When people age they usually feel that the hardware is deteriorating while in fact it is simply the software. For example, we think our mind is deteriorating, while it is often simply a weariness from viruses and all the installations and removal of (emotional) data.
This is why people often look for reboots in the form of a vacation but every so often a more serious re-installation is needed. What does that mean? Often through a new relationship, a new hobby, painting, etc. That is, a new passion. A revolution, and not simply a reload.

Perhaps this is the idea behind reincarnation, or the phoenix. It is not the hardware, the body, that needs replacement, but in fact the soul, the software, that needs a reinstallation.
I thought you were going to discuss Viagra.
I'll note Arthur that the initial software installed plays a major role in its ability to keep fresh. For example, and to stay with the computer metaphor, if you initially installed windows then you will both have more viruses and the whole system is less stable, needing re-installation quite often, while with a mac you are in a much better state. (Some would add that you are then more likely to follow fascistic rulers though).

Whatever the software there is deterioration and need of reinstallation, but the the kind of software matters a lot to how this will take place.
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