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How I created art while running
I once read that the creative process is a lot about making non-trivial and interesting connections between different well established entities.

Recently I have embarked in a sort of journey of creating connections, only that one variable is fixed. Since I’ve been spending a lot of time running, I’ve been trying to write about different things that are somehow connected to running. And it turns out that to do so, you often need a certain amount of creativity.

To challenge myself, in one of my recent runs I thought, how I could create art while running. After spending time on it, in one of my longer runs, I still couldn’t come up with an idea how to accomplish this task. To give you a short overview about this issue, it’s very difficult to create art while running. You are alone with your thoughts, the scenery is constantly changing, your physical organs are pretty tied up with an energy consuming task and your hand isn’t stable. How the hell can you create art in such a situation?

But then I remembered Andy Warhol’s, wonderfully clever quote: “Art is anything you can get away with“.

That sentence suddenly seemed to open new possibilities.

So I came up with the following idea. In my next run, I will create art. Coming back to the connection theme: I will connect running with 4 satellites, a smart phone and the Internet.  I will do so by having my GPS enabled tracking software on me, while running in a shape that will resemble the word “Art” thus…. literally creating art.

This is the result:

The more detailed result can be viewed here:

I wonder if Andy would have let me get away with this one. Realistically speaking, most likely not.
That's great!  And you could write a whole text.  You could write short short fiction on location.  A quite moving story would be its title.  Each character would write their thoughts on location while diverging or approach etc.  The ending would include the burning of a small shack and the flames would be seen from the air.  you could have misspellings that would throw the whole story off course and someone would have to go back to correct them. Something makes me think you'll really do this... it'll be great. You had a great idea.
I love this; this made me smile.  I used to run marathons, but I never thought to do something like this.  You could make an analogy that running on a track for 10 miles is like Bikram yoga, and making art while you run is like vinyasa yoga.  Both are beautiful.  Thanks.
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