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How to behave towards your enemies
I'm reading Aeschylus, he writes in one passage the following phrase : "Aux ennemis, tu peux prier de rendre mal pour mal" . The English translation I found online for this phrase is : "How not, to wreak a wrong upon a foe?"
In my edition commentary, it is stated that in ancient Greece it was as admissible to wrong one's enemies as to do good to one's friends. Personally I was brought up to not wrong anybody, and if an opportunity to wrong an enemy would occur, I would abstain from doing anything. The reasons to my abstinence are quite diverse and I won't go into details at this point. However, I've noticed around me that it is still up-to-date to behave in accordance to the Greek tradition as part of the everyday battles we need to fight.
What do you believe is the right way to be?
Books Discussed
The Seven Tragedies of Aeschylus
by Aeschylus

Sebatier, among other books, I am currently reading “Understanding the Dalai Lama: A Simple Smiling Monk” edited by Rajiv Mehrotra.  There are a few lessons that can be picked from it.

War has never made peace though many thinkers on war, as a way of justifying it, have said that there can be no peace without war. It is the same justification Americans used to hit Iraq and Afghanistan, and kill Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden, etc. The allied forces attacked Libya to oust Muama Gaddafi using the same premise.

They waged war to vanquish the enemy in order to create a future without war.   We do not live in the future. Do we? We do not live forever. Will you?  Why would you kill for tomorrow that might never come?

We should not vanquish our enemies. We should give them peace. We should address what makes them our enemies. When Osama bin Laden was assassinated did  Americans, through that means, address the reasons why he became what he became?

Let us make our enemies our friends so that we may understand what ails them because if we do we will cease making more enemies. Lets us seek to understand other people instead of seeking to be understood.

I will definitely read Aeschylus.
Wow, Miss Julie, this is quite awesome! Aeschylus in 2011?  I have very few enemies on Thinqon, let me tell you, and even fewer in real life. As for liking our enemas - forget it !

Wow Nyongesa -  'Let us make our enemies our friends' - how original is that? Respect! Let's bomb our enemies with flowers and kisses. I'm sure it would have been effective against Hitler or Stalin and it may yet work with Ahmadinejad.

Useful quote: Those who are kind to the cruel, in the end will be cruel to the kind.

In response to Cogito
Would you mind explaining yourself, Cogito?
What is the driving force behind your stand? I would be happy to know.

Convince me to change my position.
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