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How to live in our commercialized times?
There is this famous joke of the three tailors living in the same street and competing with each other over the customers. So the first puts a big poster saying : “Find here suits done by the best tailor in town”, the second tailor upon seeing that puts a poster : “The best tailor in the country”, to which the third tailor at last responds by putting a poster : “Best tailor in the street”.

I find that I am loosing a precious amount of time choosing what I will buy and where, and at the end of the day it is all a question of the right commercialization and publicity, as the joke shows so well. Sometimes I decide to just get what I like based on instinct- but then I'm wrong most of the time and regret not having taken the time to reflect and seen different opinions on the company beforehand.

What I find really hard to differentiate is between objective appraisal and commercialized traps to get you to buy. Does this problem drives anyone else crazy here? Any ideas for reducing time and hesitations?
One can only relate the joke another joke,Who is the  cutest child in the world?Ask any mother,you have the answer.
Writing an ad,a slogan or a tag line  should just be sufficient to make the reader suspend his intellectual faculty  to think and move him/her into the world of disbelief for a  time long  enough to make  buy the product or service or the idea.
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