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How to save a Rain Forest
Save the Earth from ABOVE the Earth

An Airship uses less fuel in a week than a 747 does just taxiing on a runway.

My work will put someone on Top of the Forbes 400 !

I want to say very seriously, I have the best Airship on the planet at this time. Saving the planet is the goal !

Given the green trend of late and the necessity to save the planet, my work introduces very practical answers to safe and efficient Air Travel, Package Delivery and Homeland Security. The impact of a perfectly functioning Airship is very far reaching.

This Airship will land on a dime, turn on a dime and have virtually no problem going in and out of a hanger. My ship is impervious to wind up to about 54 miles per hour. The advanced design allows for human safety factors unheard of in aviation history. Advanced materials, hybrid design and control surfaces add to a ship that is elegant, fast and safe. With that said I can design for each of the three main markets, Air Cruises, Package Delivery and Surveillance. Moreover, with a few minor adjustments I can redesign the original ship to match each market's need. There are many more than three areas of business to address, but I will focus on the above three.

Air Cruises: There is no gondola on my ship. I would not put you on the front bumper of my car. I would never put you on the underside of my airship, as is done on a standard airship. The first thing that hits the ground would be you. Now that is very poor design. The passengers on my ship will be well protected and have accoutrements unheard of in present day engineering. Passengers ride inside the ship and yet have access to deck space equivalent to that of a cruise ship on the ocean. State rooms are a standard on my ship - of course - there will be different classes as on airlines and cruise ships. Passengers are not confined to a small and limiting gondola.

Package Delivery: For package delivery this ship is designed differently. There are no passenger rooms, which allows for a cavernous environment for shipping. Fuel economy, speed and time make up the differences in how a future delivery service will be run. No trips to the airport, less trucks and an average speed - even though slower than the competition - will beat them economically and ecologically. Fred Smith creator of the Fed Ex system uses a hub. I too have a system which allows for the fact that airships are not as fast as airplanes. I make up for speed by using a system which drastically limits trips to the airport for both trucks and Airships.

Homeland Security: The French have been utilizing Airship surveillance for years. America has a greater need since 9/11 for cost efficient surveillance. From a standard surveillance blimp to the first fighter attack Airship which can reach up to 225 mph, my ship will demonstrate its superiority in any arena. Whether we use a tethered Airship or a fighter our military will be more efficient and have more endurance to secure our borders.

.. ..It's a Natural Evolutionary Process: In the year 2010 we have the engineering ability to create high quality Aircraft that will never fall out of the sky. In the future we will supplant most standard Aircraft and have many of our citizens living on platforms in the sky. Evolutionarily speaking it is the same as the progress from boat to ship to yacht, from car to truck, to mobile homes. With the advent of Nano Solar Cells, advanced wind power generators and advanced battery systems, a new age of Airships is at hand. We already have battery powered cars which are faster than a Ferrari and a Lamborghini in a quarter mile. Utilizing the above new technologies we can save energy and severely impact the negative consequences of using fossil fuels. Having Solar Cells, battery power and new control systems of course provide clean energy and therefore allow our children to breathe easier in the future.

Observing tons of wasted fuel in the airline, cruise and shipping industries we can clearly see waste and pollution far beyond what new technology should have advanced us toward. Let's not forget the Exxon Valdese and other disastrous accidents where fossil fuel was involved. From explosions and fires to spills and unnecessary exploitation, man must learn to use new technological resources.

In the Brazilian rainforest they used and still do use Airships to study the rainforest canopy. They hover, and lower a platform for scientists to live on while studying the ecosystem of the rainforest. These great behemoths (Airships) of the air can also be used to deliver food, medical supplies and power generators to remote locations and third world countries.

I have dedicated a great portion of my life toward the study of Airships and their design. From 3 dimensional AutoCAD designs to spending many years in Libraries and on the internet I have designed a strong and practical evolutionary and revolutionary Airship. Just as other great aviators such as Howard Hughes, the Wright brothers and Glenn H. Curtiss have brought forth timeless and priceless advancements to human life, I  believe I can achieve similar results.

Due to legal and technical reasons I am not at liberty to speak about every aspect of my fully controllable Airship with out divulging great secrets about my Airship's design and flight characteristics. In the event that I am confronted with the opportunity to build my ship and create a new industry, I obviously will divulge the appropriate information to investors and other interested parties.

also : How to save a Rain forest !!!                    ....Vertical Farming

On the Edge of Deserts........Saving Rainforests....On the Edge of Patagonia,South America.On non-arable land. .....THINK !

                                       peace&love,      steve Nostradome
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