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If you found true love in mid-life, would you follow your heart?
If you were 100% certain you found the love of your life, your soul-mate, your heart---- at midlife 50+---- and were already
 in a reasonable relationship situation  would you succumb to it if it meant rearranging your entire life for this person? No children
 are involved since they are all grown and living independently and finances/jobs/geography etc. could fairly easily be worked out.
100%?  Soul-mate?
I'm surprised you have to ask.

What about your current-trending-to-past soul mate?  Were you 100% sure about him?

Just curious.
I appreciate your response. The question I asked was to find out what most people 50+ would do. It is not to question the present
relationships/attachments the 2 people have---trust that the "soul-mates" have been in each other's lives for a very, very long time
but find themselves in midlife in different parts of the country, living reasonable lives apart. It's not finding someone better, or younger---just
trust me that it is not about that.

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