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Kids Room General Is being adopted harder than it used to be?
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Is being adopted harder than it used to be?
I know from our stories that there have been several people adopted into our family in the 19th century. Though I do not know very much about them, it seems that having been adopted influenced, but did not determine their lives. It was not the "most important" thing about them in the memory of my family.

In my own generation, I have had two close friends who were adopted at birth. For both of them this experience was very, very difficult. Both of my friends feel the lack of their birth parents very strongly, and have had huge fights with the adoptive parents about this. Every child occasionally fights with their family, but it is not usual that these fights continue into adulthood, and determine so much of the person's life.

As a result I wonder: How common are examples like those I have given? Is it harder to be adopted now than it used to be, if so, why?
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