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This is just to vent my frustration that such movies are being made. I was going to see another movie but as there were no more tickets my friends convinced me to see this one. It's not that the movie is just bad, what infuriates me is that it takes its public for a bunch of idiots. {Spoiler Alert} Though I would just not recommend anyone to go see... it is completely inconsistent to have the hero being a writer at the beginning and suddenly when he gets the power to think better- art does not interest him anymore and he becomes a hedge-fund guy. Of course it suited the movie guys to put their hero in an environment where he would be close to money and big deals- therefore a good prey and they can play with cat and mouse, but then drop the artistic writer guy image at the beginning! There was no connection whatsoever with who the guy was before drugs and after them...
Especially the ending was ridiculous, from a guy who nearly dies (also woman- first wife) from not taking the pills one day, to the guy who seems to be clean at the end- (as if by magic, and a bright future in politics aiming to no less than president of the US) could it get any more false and saccharine  than that? I think not, and I wish that producers would be more critical of the scenarios, because the idea itself - being Limitless, was a good ground for making something interesting.
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