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Looking for Intimacy With No Strings
I don't have the time or desire to have someone in my life on a full time basis.I am over 50, still look great, still have desires and  would like an
agreement, one made between 2 consenting single adults,that we will have a mutually satisfying safe sexual relationship, maybe a bit more time spent
together--- if so desired-- with no strings attached. Monogamy is optional, but probably preferred. I am interested in younger men and my bottom line is that we will respect each other.
I am finding this really difficult to find----many men are just scared to get involved in it. Am I being naive to think this is possible?
What's a girl to do for intimacy these days?
Dear Cleo,

Damn you're good.
Go to an internet cougar site and strew some rose petals. But first equip the shower with a good scrub brush.....just in case.

In response to william kensit
I take offense at the word "cougar" and know that only a man would say that since it is pejorative.
...........however, please don't get mad at me, because  Ithink your idea is brilliant----why not post this
online? But where?
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