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Losing a friend to jealousy
Dear THINQon,

A friend of mine from home has always been a little bit in love with me, but in a quite mild way. Nothing happened during our four years of high school despite ample opportunity, and there is no chance it would now even if we were both free. Still, other people have told me it is noticeable that he has a slight crush. I don't think it's a big deal. He once told a mutual friend that it just made him happy to have me around.

Fast forward several years. We live in different cities, and he is seriously dating someone who he will probably be with long term. I have met them several times. I can tell it makes her extremely uncomfortable to be around me, because of the way he responds to me. I don't particularly like his girlfriend, but they seem happy together, and I don't care to interfere. I viscerally dislike the assumptions I can tell she makes about me, but I don't feel I need to defend myself, and mainly it makes me sad. It's pretty clear that this will mean the end of the friendship with him. Even though we were not extremely close, it is still a pity as there are few enough people worth being friends with to lose one for essentially no reason.

When I say it will be the end, I mean that I basically feel terrible every time I meet them. I am sure there are scenes afterwards, from what others tell me. So I think I will just find excuses to bow out of their lives.

Altruistic gesture or mistake?
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