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Love Letters
I wonder if love letters are cliched these days? Are romantics out there any more? Because love letters are a piece of cake but I feel like a girl would just retreat if I were to give her a letter out of the blue. What do you all think? What is the proper way to introduce the romantic heart to a girl?

On a somewhat other note, I thought I'd write Anne Hathaway a love letter. I hope she gets back to me.

Dear Miss Hathaway,

I love you. I am sorry I had to be so forward but I am sorrier that right now we're still strangers. I'm in New York with you right now, maybe we're only 5 minutes from each other, but it's as if we're 5 dimensions apart. You exist in another universe, your entire existence is framed by Central Park where you'll be performing tonight. When I think about you it's impossible to separate your smile from the flower beds along fifth avenue. It's my most sincere dream that one day I'll be able to make that smile bloom in colors as vibrant as the purples and reds of the setting sun over a Central Park Summer Evening.

Anne, I'm asking you to marry me. I'm not insane and I highly doubt you'll ever read this let alone accept such a ludicrous proposal from an invisible sender. But I'm making the promise now that one day, maybe years from now, maybe even longer than that, I'll be in the position where that proposal won't sound so ridiculous and our love will shine, not like the setting sun, but like the rising one. And by then our age and our beauty might be in their twilight, but our youth will flash in our eyes and the sun will kindle a different kind of morning. Our morning will be bright and its skies will always be that 7 AM kind of blue, that specific shade that says the day is yours, take it. And we'll listen. And we'll take it.

So Miss Hathaway. Be ready. For one day we'll meet, and I'll have this secret letter, and hopefully so will you. And you'll know you've found me when you feel your smile bloom in a way it never has before. It'll feel like an orchid of the rarest kind, the prettiest flower in the world not because of its color and its shape (no flower in the world could ever be as pretty as you) but because it only blooms once a year on top of a snow capped mountain, and for that day or two, that flower knows God, she knows what she was put on that mountain peak to do. 

So again, be ready, because from this moment on, I'm climbing that mountain. And every step is aimed directly for that white, white flower, sitting all alone at the top.
I for one would love to receive a letter like that. But it's easier to accept such a letter than to give it. I guess it would require more self-confidence to give a letter like this than to actually write it.

I guess  your real question is when in the relationship to present the letter. I imagine it would not go over very well completely out of the blue. You should probably initiate and gauge interest before you send it away.

And then the other question would be what is the proper way to present said letter. I kind of like the idea of slipping it into a purse or bag for her to find later or some sort of similar trick.
Hi Robin, Your post made me think of Reading love letters. I don't think the love letter is dead, though it has moved to emails (which are harder to slip into their purse).

I doubt your letter would work on Anne Hathaway, but it might though work on women friends of yours. Show it and ask: should I send this? How? Like you're doing here. That's quite effective. It will allow them to see you as romantic, and humorous, with none of the problems of it being directed at them. They might then, Annie, say: "I for one would love to receive a letter like that."

 In general, when not in a relationship, every letter to a single woman you like is a kind of a love letter, no?
Umm, Robin, that is a lovely letter. You do not seem at all dissuaded by the fact that, if I may be honest with you, you do not actually know Ann Hathaway. Yes, she is lovely. Yes, she is talented. But, for all you know, she may be a complete pill. She may like Adam Sandler movies. She may talk with her mouth full. All I'm saying is that perhaps you two kids should get to know each other a little before you tie the knot. Who knows, maybe she'd learn to swallow before opening her mouth.
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