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Study General My teacher is a bigot, and I mean that in the nicest possible way
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My teacher is a bigot, and I mean that in the nicest possible way
My government teacher is a bigot. A nice guy and everything, but a bias, drum-beating, extreme Constitutionalist, who openly professes his uneducated opinions on his students. (which is irritatingly ironic, because he's an educator). And it pains me to say all of this, because he's not a bad guy, he's just misled, and way too republican to be a southern Nevada high school teacher. And there's nothing wrong with being republican, i honestly have a hard time even distinguishing between donkeys and elephants, it's just not very bright to tell a classroom full of at-risk teenage minorities that "Obama's an idiot."

Have you ever met someone and thought, "Wow, i don't know where he took a wrong turn, but man, this guy has ended up at the wrong wedding." And you just wish you could turn him in the right direction, but he hasn't even realized he's lost?
My high school math teacher didn't know how to add fractions. Teachers are not necessarily the brightest group. It's a good lesson though - don't listen too much to your teachers. Know that even the ones you like might be somewhat out-there. Of course many teachers are good some are amazing, and one should try to learn from them as much as possible, but those are the minority (in most schools).

For example, ask yourself this: "How hard is it to see who this person is?" Who appointed him then to be your government teacher? Aren't they just as much to blame for the situation as he is? They can hardly say they didn't know how he would teach. So are the people who hired him, etc.
Call it a blessing. You will, of course, need to navigate his personality to fish out a grade, but an important lesson has already registered with you, and you can take it farther: In life, sometimes, you outpace your teachers.

You will have to decide whether this teacher is shallow enough to grade based on agreement to his isolated doctrine, or if he has the wisdom to credit thought that differs from his own. Choose wisely, and know this: your elders will almost invariably carry more wisdom than you think.

Government classes, for all that they purport to be simple expositions of fact, are in truth one of the most subjective areas in education. A creative writing class has a more unified central ideal! You will be forced to regurgitate things that you do not believe, whether this man is a wizard or a sycophant. You will be disabused of all you learn in that class as you try to reconcile it to life. It is best understood as a sort of Mythology class, in a sense. This will become more apparent, the older you get.

But you have a head start. You know he's out of touch, in a predictable way. You can lead him around by pandering to his spin on things, or predict what will raise his hackles and tiptoe around them. And most importantly, you can see that this area of knowledge is important and that your teacher is not up to the task of showing it to you so---

-- Teach Yourself.  You know, after you juice him for a high grade. You have your whole life to read.

If I read the signs here correctly, it may not be your own grade you are concerned about. The question of helping others is more complex. Tell them like I told you; truth is not the object of the game you are in. He is likely to be harder on boys than on girls, given his spin.

Go girl. You show some pluck making such an assertion about your teacher. This could be a major skill as you carry forward in life. Show humility at all times, but poke the Tiger of your disbelief at every turn within that cage.
Althea, you are hilarious -- always a pleasure to read your posts.
It sounds like this guy is a poster child for one of the main issues of democratic government. How do you navigate a world in which you have to get people like this to agree before you can fund whatever basic social service program you think is  necessary? There's no need to antagonize him, of course, but whatever your career choice is, you have a golden opportunity to learn from this. Are you thinking of being a lawyer? in any kind of government? ever needing to persuade random people of things? ever serving as an expert witness? being a scientist/mathematician? You'll still have to write grant proposals.

Incidentally, I wonder whether he loves his job? considers it a duty to educate the young? can't wait to retire?  or some combination of the three...
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