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Name attraction
OK, I know this is kind of odd, but I wanted to get everyone's opinion on this.

A few years ago I met a girl I was very attracted too - and she had the same first name as the girl I had my first kiss with (whom I was very much infatuated with as a kid). After confessing my feelings for her, she very politely and gracefully responded by telling me how flattered she was, but that she didn't feel the same way.

The weird thing is that there have been a total of 3 different girls in my life, all with the same first name, whom I've been romantically linked to.

Now, whenever I meet a woman with that first name, it immediately makes me think of her in a romantic way. It leads to very awkward situations. It's like I'm predisposed to be attracted to any girl with this name, and it's creeping me out! Has anyone else dealt with this before? Have you had more than one girlfriend or boyfriend of the same name, and now you feel weird around strangers/casual acquaintances with that name? Any thoughts, suggestions or comments are welcomed.

thanks for reading...
It never happened to me but I know many cases like this.
A guy I knew married a woman whose first name is his mother's and her middle name his sister's.
A woman I knew serially dated guys of the same name.
I bring these examples as I think the moment something becomes a point of attraction, like you say that specific name is for you, it has a certain magical power. Maybe you like someone whose chin looks a particular way, or something else, something from the past becomes a point of attraction and then carries with it a certain erotic weight.
I would try to branch out though. Try out different names.

I never had girlfriends with the same name so can't say anything about that, but would also like to know people's experiences with that.
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