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Kids Room General Naming your daughter Ariadne - on the importance of names
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Naming your daughter Ariadne - on the importance of names
If one names one's daughter Ariadne one can assume some things. She will be smart, she'll probably be artistic, poetic, she won't follow the crowd and will be an individualist. If one names one's daughter Candy one can also assume some things. There will always be exceptions, the name does not promise anything!
One reason for the probable difference in the character of our two heroines is the type of parents who would choose these different names. But this is not the whole story. Somehow, the name matters.
This is not a great discovery. It's obvious that one's name will effect one's character.

Are people taking into consideration the right reasons in choosing their children's names?
Hi Chris,

I think that mostly, people don't take the right considerations when choosing their children's name. They think about themselves (a name connected to their name, how they feel etc.), their familial history, or just sounds that they think goes well with the last name and so on. This is not really a judgement on them, I mean, how could it be otherwise? A baby when it is born is first of all their creation, an expansion of their selves.
But as the saying goes "the apple does not fall far from the tree", the identification between parent-child usually makes a choice for all the wrong reasons, hit home and be the right one for the child.
I always thought my name was terribly down to earth and wished they had called me a more exotic and romantic name like Adrianna (not that far from your suggestion of Ariadne as a good name though not quite the same sound:-), but that's the name they chose, and after reading Rousseau's Julie, I thought that it is actually a fine name too. I think that with most of the names we can eventually build up associations that would make us feel good with it.
Books Discussed
Julie, or the New Heloise: Letters of Two Lovers Who Live in a Small Town at the Foot of the Alps (C
by Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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