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Pianist for a film wanted
Hello, my name is Alex Barclay and I'm in the process of casting for a film about a female pianist.

The story revolves around a woman who although she had a very promisong career as a pianist, gave it upĀ  to look after her husband and later, her children. A chance meeting with a man triggers a whole range of feelings in her. It leads her to a point where she must choose between the life she has and the one she left behind. Oh, and I alost forgot this: there's also a dog. . .

There are a few other film folk apart from me involved and what we want to do is do initially is shoot a few key scenes: playing piano, the chance meeting, a scene in a gallery etc.

So I'm trying to find a female pianist aged between 30-35, dark-haried and eyed, slim but not scrawny who can play Chopin, Brahms, Bach etc to a high standard. There are two other piano playing parts too: a young male pianist, dark-haired, 20-25 years and another female pianist of Chinese/ Korean or Japanese descent, 25-30 years.

If anyone in the Music Room could help with contacts or signpost me in the right direction that would be great.

Thanks very much for reading,

Hi Alex,
It is my first day on THINQon. I saw your post about seeking a pianist. I live in NYC. You can visit me at
If you have any projects on this continent, do let me know.
All best,
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