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Poetry games

Onto the rolling green

The swish of white on gr-ass

Shadow of the sun

That might have been

Were I to fall,

What springs in the new year?
You beautiful people, why so strangely silent?
I was told, in another topic, that people posted original poems in the Library, subroom "I wrote."  I see one poem here (which I liked, though I wondered about its meaning) but no others and no comments. Am I in the right place? Are there other poets here?

I'm new to THINQon and am having some difficulty getting my sea-legs here.

In response to euphrosune
Hello, you are in the right place. It's just that not many poems have been posted yet. Did you see the poem called "Song" by Margaret Wells? I posted the one above and the answer to it is found within Gerontion, if you think about it. Then you'll know what the poem is about (Hint: it was in the news recently). I hoped people might have a go but nothing much happened. It's important not to care what people think - so type up any old poems you have and put them in here. That would be great. I can make up poetry on the spot and have hundreds tucked away on my computer. A poem can be anything. It doesn't have to rhyme or anything. Welcome to THINQon. 
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