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Politics are just like most familys
politics are just like how most family's are.... there are republicans , democrats and independent and libeterian.... 
i feel that the republicans feel as thou they are conservative and right and powerful, they use their family members emotions against there own interest... also the republican are powerful enough that if you go against them you will be disowned in the family.... independent thought is not allowed!
they  pretend that they are so religious.... and do not abort the baby... just give them up to wealthy people.... but if you try to keep your baby ... your help is limited.

the democrats they let you have your say.... it does not mean much ... but you are heard... you will not get put out of the family if you do not think like them
they will try to support you in many ways.... but they are weak against the powerful republican family!... the republicans are hypocrites in so many ways... and yet act like what they do means nothing!.... and beat you down for your minor mistakes.... while they create devastation

the democrats they try... they do help in many ways however.... they take advantage of the registered democrat just like the republicans a different way... which is 
if the democrats do not get some supper balls.... we are headed for a dictatorship.... by people who do not believe in being different.... and in most case they have help people to be different by the actions that they have caused....

are family is in trouble.... just like so many family members... the majority and powerful.... trample over the Independence and go on a poison attack to make sure you are not seen as credible... while the children watch it happen and the children know that if you do not keep quiet...and follow along... you will be smashed the kids in the family .... in secret destroy  themselves cause they no there is no hope when your voice is taken from you....

as an independent in the family i see the good in all my family members and i see the bad in all the family members.... and when we as family members can really sit down with one another and tell the truth and lets heal together....the only reason this nation has been so blessed is because of the ability to speak without being excluded.... this is leaving fast in this great nation!

we need to heal this family!
i know we have debt troubles ...but the spirit of our children is in trouble.... they see it all!.... look at how are children are hurting.... its all around us....
a true parent will sacrifice when we see our children hurting.... or the family members come to the children rescue.... its more than money!
are babies are loosing conciseness while we all fight! 
Hi Isis, I see your point about politics.  But maybe we can't say the same thing about our society as a whole.  Never in our history have so many groups had access to opportunity.  No matter how we divide us, by gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, social strata, if we don't have exact equality, then we at least have ongoing dialogues. I think it's a mistake to take politics to project facts about society as a whole.

In addition, our government works by emphasizing disagreement, and then reaching a consensus.  But I agree with you, it is disfunctional.  I think the recent rulings giving moneyed interests more power has dehumanized the process so that reasonable people have fewer opportunities for compromise.
thank you for letting me share my opinions.... i understand that they are just that, my opinion..... i do know that what i perceive does not mean that it is fact.... but i love to share my opinion... thank you so much for letting me be your friend.
i love this site.

In response to Isis Godess
What we say is fact in a certain respect Isis.  What we say is how we see the world at a particular time.  To say it is to take a stand, to brave what we know.  It doesn't have to be universally true.  When we take a stand we give others a chance to measure themselves, and in turn we can measure our self against what they say in response.  Then we can refine our positions or even abandon them.  It is the community, the family that you yearn for.  Thanks for sharing.  You add a lot.
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