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Preparing for invierno
The sun is down. It's only 5pm. Halloween is over. Winter is a hair's breadth away. How do we prepare?
Is it as easy as transmuting yesterday to today? Does daylight saving's time affect how we approach our lives? Should it?

One of my friends last year deteriorated as the weather turned colder. He put it on Seasonal Affective Disorder. I told him to get help. He said no, a couple more weeks and it will be warmer and I'll be back to normal. Whatever and I told him so. 

How do we prepare for winter? Do we tell ourselves it will end like every other winter? Do we constantly pinch our arms to remind us that today is one day closer to the end of a long hollow tunnel? How do we distract ourselves when every sunset reminds us little sun we get?

Winter is weird man. Especially in the city where everyone dresses in black and huddles away as if their neighbors hibernate alongside all the colors. I wish there was a mindset I could adapt to ready myself for its duration. If color could be a mindset...

How do we prepare ourselves for winter when we know it'll be long and reoccurring? Every year it'll happen over and over again until the sun burns out and life bows out from the galaxy. Would we want to give up winters if it meant we'd also be giving up hope for spring?
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