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Reading habits
How should we develop our reading habits in order to get the utmost from the reading experience? Should we read whole books (which is much more time consuming) or read excerpts? Concentrate on one author or on a few in a given period of time (those few might be connected somehow through subjects, ideas, time, geography or not at all- for the sake of a change). What are your reading habits and why do you think they are the most beneficial to you?
I would say simply follow your interests, trying to read something because your think you 'should' will not help.  Subjects and authors that grab your attention will be best.   (I am assuming that this is not related to any kind of schooling.)
I would liken it to other kinds of encounters. Let's take encountering people. Do you want to fall in love with someone, do you prefer to flirt with many, do you want a strong friendship, or a passing chat. Each relationship requires a different kind of activity, and a different kind of concentration. Or, take visiting different countries. You get something from being a day somewhere, something else by being a month, and something different from living a year.

Similarly, you can get the entire human experience from a single book, if the book is good enough and you read it carefully enough. I usually prefer total focus when reading a book, and I read it very slowly. Sadly, it means I don't read as much as other people, but I think it's better like that.
Sometimes, when there is a problem I'm thinking about, I might raid my library and look for whatever writing I can find on that particular topic.

Jumping between many books seems to me like having many meaningless friendships, instead of a few great ones.Still, you do want to meet different kinds of people, so it does help to read different books, but you are in a different relationship in that case.
There used to be people who never traveled outside of their village, and still, like Jules Verne and Agatha Christie, managed to get the most out of their surroundings.
For beginners, it is good to start by reading on a wider range of subjects. With time your interests will definitely shift and you might find yourself reading more of one particular subject than the rest.

 It took me many years to realize what I enjoy reading more than else. One day I decided to re-arrange my library after stocking it for years with books I had read and those I was about to.

 When I was younger I used to read lots of novels. This led to books on philosophy, economics, literature, psychology and religious studies. But when I looked at my library after almost ten years I discovered that I had kept books on politics in general and international relations in particular. I only have a handful, out of the hundreds, of novels I read between the ages of 15 and 27, but I still have very old books on political science some of which I have kept from my teen years, and I buy at least one every month.

 There is no formula for reading. There are books that can bore me in the middle but I choose to read to the end in order develop my capacity in perseverance and accommodation of diverse views. I mean, we cannot like everything in this life though we have a tendency, as mature human being, of putting up with some things we don’t like, and that makes us stronger and wiser.  

 Sometimes I could be reading a book or two concurrently and something happens on the local or global scene that requires a bit of finding out on the historical, theoretical or philosophical underpinnings. I shift my attention and delve into the subject. I might, or might not, go back to the previous books I was reading except to refer, but for sure one day I will finish what I had started.

 It however is serves me good to I read an entire book to avoid misjudging or misquoting anything from it. it also gives me a feeling of accomplishment when I close the back cover of a book.

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