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Romantic Comedies
I recently saw (500) Days of Summer and thought it an interesting enough take on contemporary gender stereotypes that I would write about it. As far as Romantic Comedies go it was up there. It didn't hurt that the film stars probably the two most likable actors in independent cinema Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel (named after Zooey.) The movie followed Gordon-Levitt's character through moods swings in the clouds to ones somewhere in hell during his tumultuous relationship with Zooey. Mostly the movie serves as a strategic seizure of the romantic comedy genre back from ridiculously false Matthew Mccouhaney movies. (I don't care enough to google the correct spelling of his name)

The movie doesn't rely on unbelievable plot devices and is remarkably unsurprising in every sense of the word narrative. We are told the story of the rise and fall of the Zooey Joseph relationship over the course of 500 days. And since the beginning of the movie starts somewhere in the middle and jumps backwards and forwards for the next 90 minutes, we know right away that they are ultimately doomed. I think the movie is an accurate depiction of young contemporary love relationships. Much of Joseph's strife comes from his desire for a label to their relationship that she refuses. (See: post ) We leave the movie unable to ever put a label on their relationship, were they dating, lovers, friends?

In the movie Joseph plays the emotional role of the girl. As we watch him bloom and peel over and over again over the ziplined 500 days there is the impression that his emotional attachment is something that has always been historically attributed to the girl, while Zooey plays her emotions much cooler and close to the hand hand like the Mccounahy of above. It is fun to watch, fun to see his notion of destiny and lovefate blow up in his face as we sympathize from our seats.

In my opinion the movie shines because of its details. It is a movie of the small things to a relationship, the shared musical tastes and the inside jokes of real personalities. The story is hardly there and since you know the outcome (mostly) the movie builds as you piece the non-concurrent days together.

No one wants to say they like romantic comedies. It's like country music, no one admits to listening to it. But the fact of the matter is there is good country music out there and there are good romantic comedies like this one. What makes them good is their believability and the reality of the relationships they create. You are supposed to leave the theater feeling warm and fuzzy inside with all the hope of finding love right around the corner and believing it exists. And this movie succeeds because it constructs a relationship that may have happened next door with people you know.

It's no Graduate, but I would say it is worth seeing. Has anyone else?
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