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Romantic versus practical
Romantic versus practical:

I’m a true romantic and like to prepare everything nicely and be inspired by the atmosphere. For example, I like to prepare a nice meal on a beautiful table with candlelight, drink good champagne from long and sexy glasses. As for the bedroom, I like to have many little candles,  special scents burning and good music in the background, somehow these things turn me on. My boyfriend is the exact opposite and finds all this completely artificial, unnecessary and even silly. He’s afraid the candles will burn the house (especially when having sex), any suggestions on how to solve this incompatibility?
Alternate your preferences.

One night you set the table eloquently for a fine dinner. You carry that theme to the bedroom with candles, music, etc. and hot, intimate sex. Another night your boyfriend can make some spaghetti (jar sauce) and garlic bread (a simple, easy meal). After brushing, you can both go to a room of his choosing, get each other undressed and have raw, hot, innovative sex.
As a variation, on the same night, switch your preferences (eloquent dinner, raw sex in a different room or position).

Let me know what you think.
Hi Steven,

Thanks for your suggestions :-)

 I would just like to add that being a romantic and taking care, enjoying all the details of a good dinner and the esthetical atmosphere of the house does not mean that the kind of sex we are having later (in the romantic room) is not of the “raw, hot, innovative sex” kind. I guess your proposal to alternate is a good one, as I will not give up my romantic wishes. I really believe that they are part of what keeps the love and passion going. It’s also refreshing to find new ways of surprising one’s partner (with new designed napkins that match the tablecloth:-)), one just has to be careful it doesn’t turn out like one of my friend’s marriage proposal : the guy lit the apartment solely with candles he put all over the floor, table and shelves. Except he forgot the ones on the floor when he kneeled down to propose and it amounted to a burned knee (and a marriage).
I'd say myself that there's nothing to sweeten the taste of champagne like not having to do the dishes afterwards. Or to be more direct, why not leave the house from time to time? Your boyfriend might guess that those longing looks you start casting towards the drawer with the matches means he's got 45 minutes tops to get into a nice suit and take you out for a drink before you start getting ideas. Now, this need not be extravagant; for a nice drink or two at a bar with a view you can spend less than you would on scads of candles and you've got the peace of mind to go with it. Nothing more romantic.

That said, I like the idea S proposes. There's a charm to entering completely into another person's world. I'd give it a try.
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