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The Chamber of Politics Political topics Should movie, concert, and theater halls install cell phone blockers?
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Should movie, concert, and theater halls install cell phone blockers?
Should movie, concert, and theater halls install cell phone blockers?

What do you think?
Is the responsibility solely of the person to remember to turn their cell phones off? Leaving it up to the person allows them to set it to vibrate, or even silent and if they’re doctors check every once in a while.
I would also separate Cinemas with theater and concert halls. During a movie it’s not such a big deal, but in the theater or concert hall it could ruin the whole evening. The actor gets phased, the pianist gets annoyed, and the whole evening is ruined for the entire audience.
But sound isn’t the only problem. I have been to concerts where the person next to you starts smsing during the concert! It’s simply impossible to concentrate on the music.
On the other hand it’s comfortable. You can still go out even when you are expecting an important call, or on standby (doctors etc.)
What should be done?

My answer would be to block cellphones from concert and theater halls (and then some technique would be found for doctors etc.). There could be different kinds of cinemas, one’s which are blocked and one’s which aren’t, and people could decide which ones to go to. Personally, cell phones ringing bother me far less in the cinema, and people rarely start taking out their phones and smsing during the film anyway. If people want to go to the theater, or a concert, they’ll need to settle for being out of touch.
Definitely! I just played a concert yesterday and in the middle of my Bach, a telephone rang in the first row and the person took all the time to look who it was instead of shutting it down. It’s especially annoying to the musician while playing contrapuntal music where one has to listen carefully to all the voices’ relations. I remember an organ improvisation concert where the player on hearing the cell ring decided to add a replica of that ring as an element in his improvisation, that was a lovely answer. It’s most annoying when the rings are those mechanical ringing tones that don’t fit at all into the musical pieces. I’d join Emmanuel Ax’s joke and request : Please verify that your ringtone is synchronized with the pieces on the program...
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