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So, how is everything?
    Haven't been on here for a while. After going through some posts I realized how much i missed it. It's strange the small, fleeting connections one can make with someone on here. The advice, the discussion, the jokes. I missed you guys! Right now there's only one thing i want to ask. How is everything?

    Tell me about your day. About anything. Write me an interesting story, an uninteresting story. Write something you've never written before, or something everyone already knows. This is a selfish post, but who cares?

I'll start.

I tend to repeat myself. That's an understatement. I repeat myself ALL THE TIME. I was recently trying to figure out why i have this neurotic need to say things three or four times, even when i know i've already been heard. Today i realized i've been doing that thing where i project my flaws onto others. I'm not a very good listener, and often don't listen to people at all; naturally i'm convinced that this means people don't listen to me, so i have to repeat myself to assure myself that my point has gotten across.

hello Althea!
nice to see you again. My story for you is that the summer's fruit is finally really ripe -- strawberries, blueberries, different colors of cherries -- and I'm sitting down with a pile of it (surely there's a more glamorous word?), bright red, orange-red, dark-maroon and dusty blue on a round white plate -- beginning a day in late July...

About repeating yourself constantly -- I can see how it would be a tough habit to get out of, because people who know you might be used to not having to listen the first time. My advice -- try practicing on people you know less well till it becomes convincing. Also, maybe you can practice being a secret agent who is stealthily observant and remembers **everything** anyone says to her, along with the shirt they were wearing, any the slight hesitations in their voice, the way the light is coming into the room...

In response to Mia Vialti
So am I. I've more or less spent the entire day consuming delicious berries of various kind. Fruit is my candy. Cheers to late July and everything it brings us.
I say everything twice. Two times I say everything. The first time as the thought wells up from the recesses of my mind, I am often surprised at what emerges.  So I feel the need to re-state it. To reorganize it in a more logical way.   My wife repeats herself many times but not all at once. She will make today the same point that she made yesterday. She seems to be involved in an internal dialogue in which she is not fully aware of the others' presence.
I learned a long time ago that it is impossible to remain 100% attentive when someone  else is speaking.  If you take a moment to consider something you've heard, you are distracted and will miss the next part.  I have no problem making people repeat themselves until I am certain I have understood them.  You just have to believe that what they are saying is important enough that missing it will have consequences. Nobody will ever complain about you trying to understand them.  In fact most people will respect you all the more for it.
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