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Tea Baggers, John Birchers and Libertarians (Oh My!)
I'm really enjoying the disarray on the right these days.  The GOP is being hijacked by radical fringe elements and, if you'll allow me to mix metaphors, they can't find a way to stop the runaway train.  This past Tuesday's primary is a case in point: the GOP, the RNC and the US Chamber of Commerce backed their candidates, poured money into the race and watched helplessly as the far right candidates walked away with two major wins. 

I'll admit that the Dems are scratching their heads over Senate candidate Alvin Greene in South Carolina, but that's a completely different animal since Greene didn't even campaign--it looks like he won because his name was first on the ballot.  The GOP races were costly, hard fought campaigns.  And they got bupkis.  Worse than bupkis: now they have to accept these goons into the fold, try to explain their positions (or, as in the case of Sharron Angle, vaporize their positions), and wear a big smile while doing it.  Here's Rachel Maddow getting positively gleeful at the prospect of watching this all play out in November:
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