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Tea Party
I'm simply curious to see if anybody sees any political future for the Tea party or do they consider it just a passing fad ?
Hi Tally,

Did you read Frank Rich's piece in the NY Times yesterday?

He feels that attention must be paid to them because, after all, they've made their first strike.

He's right.  You've got to keep your eye on the nutballs--stealthier types tend to use them for cover.
Hi Linda,

I think that the Tea party folks can sound a little hot and bothered but I think they do represent some kind of grassroots movements.
Whatevers going on in Washington,its definitely not working.So people have become frustrated and need some kind of outlet to vent it.
What I am really wondering is whether theres any place in our politics for a third party ?

In response to Tally Brewster

You bring up a good point. A third party. In the past all third parties that have advanced to  at least some voter recognition have been dashed by the major two parties along with the help of the MSM. Anything that remotely smells of true reform is snuffed, tarred and feathered, demonized, labeled "communist" etc. Our one party system with the two heads, donkey and elephant attacks any candidate who speaks up against the status quo, e.g., Ron Paul, Ross Perot, Ralph Nader etc. and are quickly labeled as "wing nuts" to discredit their positions. If the system can't  find anything to actually expose them with, they just target their following, lump them to the extreme right or left of the political realm. I agree with those who believe that the republicans have saturated the TP.

We live in a plutocracy, there is no need for debate there. Worse, republicans are political opportunists who thrive on discontent without shoring up viable solutions since they are the party of the rich and powerful. The TP is the result of the discontent with the WH after this president betrayed his voter base, which now has shrunk drastically. Blacks are unlikely to coalesce in a mutual need to expose his bogus "liberal" front. He is not up to the job. No surprise if anyone had paid attention to his voting record and non substantive unsavory history.

Whoever voted for him and is now complaining, I can only say that you don't always get what you want but you sure get what you asked for. Next time anyone sees Ralph Nader, please apologize to him for we know not what we do.

Yes, we need a third party and instead of trashing the TP, we need to challenge it and work with it or form a viable alternative to the parasite/government that is sucking us dry as we spiral the drain while it throws billions of dollars to our known enemies and any other country that needs a hand out, taking into considerable our political, military and economic interests.

Remember what Bush left us, a trashed Constitution, an illegal war, NAFTA, runaway outsourcing of jobs. Removal of economic controls for WS. Broken down educational system that still promulgates in certain states the trashing of science and the immoral betrayal of our democratic credo, religious freedom, and that means freedom from religion also -- separation of church and state. The electorate was taken by surprise fat, happy and stupid in front of their TVs and gadgets thinking they voted for change and hoping while they watch the other shoe  fall "say it isn't so!!"

This president and congress just need to stop blaming Bush for the their own ineptness, craven hypocrisy  and how they divided on purpose the houses, hoping that the opposition would kowtow to their bullying. Instead, the present backlash from republicans and voters. Didn't that poseur promised to change all of the aforementioned wrongs? This is what happens when you dose off at the wheel.
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