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The Clintons
Bill Clinton is a superhero
Bill Clinton singlehandedly saved the day
What will he do next? Save the world?

Hillary? I wish she'd just retired after she lost.
She is such a bi***
Hillary can't handle the world stage

Hillary Clinton exploded in the Congo after a university student asked her what her husband thought of a loan to the country from China.

Her Answer: "Wait, you want to know what my husband thinks?" she replied. "My husband is not the secretary of state. I am. You ask my opinion, I will tell you my opinion. I am not going to be channeling my husband."

It was certainly out of character. But I can sympathize. With all the press her husband has received in returning those journalists to the United States a little statement like that can send anyone over the edge. Especially when she is probably the one who orchestrated the return of those journalists. The way the media has portrayed the event completely ignores the fact that Hillary probably had everything to do with the return of the journalists. Who does everyone think sent Bill there? And in the middle of an 11 day convoy through Africa, I can forgive a flash of temper like this one.

I wonder what it feels like for Hillary, to be overshadowed by her husband in office, to be an overshadowed democrat in a George Bush Republican senate, to lose to arguably the most popular president ever, and then to become an overshadowed adviser (arguably his most important adviser) in his staff. It can't always feel good. And now to be overshadowed once again by her retired husband. That's the bullet in the coffin isn't it?

I think it would be a smart tactical choice for Obama to show Hillary some love, to throw her some credit for being the person he entrusts to repair the wounds of America's global relations. Although I'm sure she isn't doing it for the admiration, it can't hurt. And without the proper respect it could lead to more outbreaks like the one in the Congo.

A discussion on Hillary is impossible to separate from a discussion of gender. That men always get the credit is both a jab to her individual person, but also to women who have been overshadowed far longer than two or three presidential terms. I'd like to hear from pandawomen out there about Hillary and what it would have been like had she won. The interesting thing about looking at the campaign now is how relatively small of a deal they made about Hillary becoming the first woman president next to Obama as the first black one. And considering Hillary will probably be too old for the next election (conceivably 8 years from now) I wonder when America will finally elect a woman, or for that matter a Jew or an Hispanic or any other minority.

I like Hillary and hopefully she'll read this, hah.
Hillary seems to be doing pretty well for herself in her new position.  I am a fan also and she seems to be in her element, plus her relationship with Obama seems to be improving - lots of respect on both sides.
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