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The Humanities, and is living all about money?
Many centuries ago people had to spend their entire life making sure they will have food to eat and a roof over their heads. Modern society, and technology, made food more affordable, and even roofs are cheap enough if you don't have to live in expensive cities. And yet, do people think of anything besides work and money? Ok, some have a family, kids, a partner, these are parts of their emotional life, but do they truly understand there is something other than their work and money?
China’s Ministry of Education announced plans to phase out majors producing unemployable graduates. The Chinese government will evaluate college majors by their employment rates, downsizing or cutting those studies in which the employment rate for graduates falls below 60% for two consecutive years.

Let's read this last paragraph again. 
Is really work and money the only measurement of education? Now in China, soon here - wherever yours here is.
In fact in the US the humanities are already in a sad state. But it is not only the humanities, pure science, pure math, all these are not as clearly as useful as engineering.

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What an amazing waste. Our lives could be so much richer.
"... humanities, pure science, pure math, all these are not as clearly as useful as engineering."

To make your picture worse, Arthur, "useful" as engineering might be, the main stream career choice of our brightest young minds is far more disheartening. Data of the last decade, including year 2011, showed that 25 percent of employed Ivy League graduates, lured by the promise of fast and magical return on investment,  entered the consulting or finance industry, not engineering, not entrepreneurship, not even corporations, in short, not the productive part of the economy.

Don't you think that 25% is too big and too scary a number? How sad!

Watching kids heading for Wall St, Harold Bloom groaned: “Alas, this is the death of the mind. That is not my vision of Yale University.”

As for China, well, an economist friend, who is also an extremely popular public intellectual with 6 million Weibo(Chinese version of Tweeter) fans and truly a celebrity in China, is lecturing widely,  frequently seen on national TV and even created picture books to educate small children about how the stock market works; while I just learned from another friend, a renowned writer/novelist,, whose work has inspired and nourished many in my generation (one of her earlier novels, "Love Must Not Be Forgotten", for example, was sold 600k copies in the 1st run, a record that's hard to repeat in book publishing ever!) that she isn't motivated to write nowadays because she could see that people don't read literature anymore. The difference in these two people's popularity says a lot about what kind of issues matter to the majority of Chinese today.

The Chinese Generation X (Consumerist generation) and Generation Y (Net generation) are raised to worship money as the God, I only wish that Generation Y would somehow miraculously evolve to become Generation Why, the kind of "Why" that one sees here frequently on Thinqon,  then China will be hopeful again...

In response to Qian Lin
If only more men as well as women thought as you ALL nations.
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