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The Marriage Ref
I thought it would be fun to have a tv-watching group (like reading groups) on Seinfeld’s new series The Marriage Ref. The first episode (technically episode two, as the previous one was an awful promo) was last Thursday and if you’re in the US you can watch it, for example, here:
This won't work outside the US.

I've been wondering what Seinfeld will try to do after his series. Larry David moved onto Curb Your Enthusiasm which is hilarious but a lot more cynical than the original show.

Jerry on the other hand is going more for the reality crowd but in a different way. The premise is that on each episode, a panel of celebrities (on this episode, it was Seinfeld, Tina Fey and Eva Longoria) listen to the stories of different married couples who are having disagreements, mostly fairly silly ones -- this is not heavy stuff. They then discuss the case amongst themselves and rule in favor of one of the parties. At the end the couples all are "surprised" by tickets to a cruise so they can make up in style.
The show has an interesting premise of thinking of couples arguments. I assume the discussion would be more chatty/short comments  than is usual here.


In this episode we had 5 disagreements:

1. A guy who cleans himself too much.

2. A dining table which is reserved for special occasions.

3. Men not knowing handy-work.

4. Flossing in bed.

5. Husband not wanting to wear wedding ring.


After seeing the episode, some quick comments:

1. The guy seemed to be gay. That is, they have bigger problems than if he cleans himself too much.

2. She’s probably from a poor background dreaming of living like the ritz’s.

3. Did you see how Jerry was annoyed at Eva’s comment about Jews and Latinos. You see his face flinching and then he takes a jab at the masculinity of Tony, her husband, who has been injured much of this season.

4. No words necessary.

5. The guy was creepy. I‘m not sure why she would marry him, but he was creepy.


Any thoughts anyone?
The Marriage Ref was , by far, the worst TV show with the best talent ever.
I was just editing my post when you posted Dave. It will be interesting to see where they take it. Already the first episode was so much better than the awful promo. I didn't yet watch the second, with Madonna, Larry David, and Ricky Gervais.

I'd like to also ask people's opinions on whether we should comment on the people or just the arguments. I made some personal comments on the people, as I think they expect it when they go on TV. The kind of comments everyone makes while watching TV. They are also obviously acting and accentuating for the television rather than it really being "reality," so we're not really talking about them, but about who they act.

That is, I didn't treat it like they are real people, but maybe I should have. Or is it ok anyway the moment they are on a TV show expecting the refs to make jokes about them, and we all are a great number of refs, adding ourselves to the show - that's how it seemed to me.
Hi Chirs, fun idea, here is what I think:

1        She married a big man-cop and got a beauty-metro(?)-sexual, I can understand she’s disappointed. (judges unjust!)

2-3 Boring problems, annoying wife. He should run away.

4     Some people floss in the bathroom, some anywhere (e.g. in front of tv looking at the marriage ref), and some not at all. Unfortunately that couple does not belong to same group. Won’t make a difference- she’ll still floss in bed.

5    Strange. Wife way out of this guy’s league and he's still trying to impress others...
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