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The Police
I wasn't raised to distrust and hate the police. In fact the opposite, parents and teacher molded our young claylike brains to appreciate the police and hold them in awe as protective social servants. Without the police, they told me, the streets would erupt into chaos and mindlessness. We need the police or else order would lose the day. In retrospect this is a very cynical stance by the school system. In any event, I still do not hate the police, rather, I hate a particular breed.

Across America the sentiment among youth is anti-cop. You would think this distrust would be isolated to neighborhoods of widespread crime where police work uproots families and lives. But no, in suburbia there is consistent hate from the youth towards the police. Most of this has to do with cops impeding upon under age drinking and the smoking of the marijuana plant. Privileged complaints from a privileged minority of youth. But other crimes are abundant too in suburbia, most of them are minor annoyances like noise complaints and trespassing, harmless little escapades of the young. In

Suburbia the police are limited by the crimes committed there. At most they have drunk drivers or domestic disputes. This has led to the evolution of a certain type of cop. I'm not saying that these cops aren't justified in breaking up high school parties and stopping would-be stoners from upheaving their communities by ripping a joint in the woods. What I am saying is almost every cop that busts a crime like this is an asshole. They go beyond their duties to be particularly vindictive. A lot of them are fat and stereotypical donut eaters. Faced with real crime they wouldn't know how to properly react. Accordingly it is usually this type of cop who fires his gun too readily.

Why, when given just a particle of power do some cops adapt into the most fiendish of douchebags? I am of course generalizing and I have in fact encountered a decent cop or two. But I think a distinction should be made between the cops who are actively improving the communities they work in and the ones who have become mindless drones to the bureaucracy, the ones who long ago stopped listening to the call of public service and let their police badge mean nothing else than the designation of a job. 
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