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The Value of Friends
Well, hello everyone.  This is my Inaugural post and I wanted to write something that reflects where I am, and how I feel.  I have no idea how long it will be -- or how ellequent for that matter.
I have always been a compassionate person, willing to lend an ear and advice if I can.   Through the years, I have been criticized for the value I place on friendship.  Statements like "They do not care about what you think." or "feel" or "what your going through."  But the most offensive/repulsive to me were, "No one gives a shit about you!" or "what you are going through."  So today, I sit here free of that influence for the time being, and I want my words to be found as an encouragement to the good people out there who may be in despair.
I know there are those who pretend to care, and if those people are the only ones you have ever expirienced, well, your view is going to be abit skewed.  I take offense to neggative statements about my friends, because I do not have many, but I choose carefully the ones I have.  I love them, they love me -- and have shown it.
Ok, I guess what I am trying to say is that our feelings our important, choose wisely who you trust them with.  Use great care when people trust you with theirs. 

Although I am not entirely sure if I have by all rights to welcome you since I do not regularly visit THINQon pages as I hoped. :)

Your topic has hit home. I have recently been in a situation where I felt I was in an abyss sucking desperately for air.  It was in those moments that you feel  hands reach out and  pull you up to the surface.  As I shook away the numbness, I realized that they were the hands of friends and I knew I have chosen well.

I have seen how the Internet has invaded our lives. It made distances seem inconsequential. There is Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and others that have made it’s bits and bytes convergence for people from all walks of life. Millions made friends. Yet millions also lost friendship because of the brusqueness and cutting words that people would post on each others walls.

People would declare that they have hundreds even thousands of “friends” yet so few live up to the name.

I have witnessed how “friends” would relish on the misery of their friends. I have seen how remarks of so-called ‘encouragement’ would actually be jeers and snide comments. I have read “friends” cheer their friends to let go of things that are worth keeping because they none to speak of.

I am with you in the thought of carefully choosing the people you surround yourself with. I am all for battling the flow against quantity instead of quality.

I say this with fierce pride – I love my friends and they love me. Real unselfish love.

Cheers to you and the friendship you have built.
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