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Recording theater
While we are on the subject of Richard Burton, here is a fascinating interview from with Burton and an unnamed, but perfectly cast, broadcaster on the subject of a new technology that will allow stage plays to be recorded, i.e. filmed in real time. It is interesting to hear someone from the 1960s speculate on what effect recording technology will have on the arts.

What makes this clip brilliant, in my book, is the response Burton gives to the question asked at 1:42, "will the person watching get the immediacy of the live Broadway production?"

Penelope, this is hilarious. Where do you find these things? Who is this broadcaster -- is he Texan?
But I agree that his answer is genius. It's especially touching if you then fast forward to around 5:05 when the program begins.

By now we've all heard the old joke about the pre-technological tribes who believed that taking a person's picture would steal their soul. This is the first time I've really heard a person of the modern west, and a performer at that, say something which comes close. It's interesting.
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