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This Marine Wants You To Stop And Think

(link has been changed)

For those of you who haven't read it, this is an unhappy yet relevant article by a Marine basically telling citizens that whoever opposes the government violently in a Civil War will be killed by the Army.

Only comment I would like to make is that the Marine, I believe in good faith, is justifying his eventual killing of US citizens because he is defending 'the constitution'..

I don't think he is informed to the fullest, personally, because the constitution has been violated by Bush et al on various occasions, not to mention the Federal Reserve act which is in dischord with the constitution and has set the groundwork for much of what's going-on.

The constitution has been modified  and reinterpreted after the fact by powerful people who are self-serving...

Hopefully violence will be kept to a minimum, and perhaps political action must be increased to a maximum to cure the situation before it reaches critical mass.

What do you think?
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