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Tiger Woods... back already?
Well, we are now told that Tiger Woods will return to golf for the Tavistock Cup in March.

So that is what "indefinite leave" means, really?
First, he makes a half hearted apology. Then he offers to leave golf, let us say as a diversionary tactic, to calm down the many who are justifiably upset with his behavior.
He manages to fit in a few days at a clinic for sex addiction.
Now that's it, clean slate, who will notice!

No one told Tiger to leave golf, it was his idea, but what is strange to me is, if he cannot even keep to his own publicly made resolutions for more than a month or two, who believes him on other things?
People just say things Petra. If criminals could get away from jail simply by saying how sorry they are and how they've now changed they would. Sometimes it even works in the justice system. Should we release criminals simply for saying they're sorry, even if we know that what they are really sorry about is that they got caught?
People of course don't like getting caught.

In the case of Tiger, did he do such a bad thing? Mostly he was caught lying to everyone, so why are you so surprised he lied again.

He wanted to get away from his bad situation so he said whatever he could to get away from it and the moment the newspapers moved to something else he returns. I don't have the impression that keeping his word is very important to him.  But then, I wouldn't expect it to given what we know of his behavior.

Is it quick? Yes, surprisingly so. People don't feel accountable for their actions, and it seems that others don't care too much either. Look what happens in politics.
I have two suggestions to offer on the Tiger Woods situation.  First, I really don't give a damn whether he "lied" to "everyone"--or anything else he did in his private life.  In a celebrity-obsessed culture like ours, we seem to give permission for people to pry into the intimate lives of others, especially celebrities, which mainly gives insight into such people who pry: their lives seem to me empty, else they'd have better things to do.  Such people, in my view, have no business prying into others' business, and I wish they'd all shut up.  Tiger is justly famous for playing golf with rare and thrilling skill.  That's all, and that's all that ought to matter.  What compels people to try to turn him into a hero, and then are disgusted when he turns out to be just as foible-ridden as the rest of us, ought not to surprise, but to evoke pity, or compassion.

That leads into point #2.  I see so little effort on the part of people who would like to enter his his life with condemnatory comments to try, with some effort, to offer him understanding.  For whatever his reasons, some of which he's discussed publically, he fell victim to his own humanity.  For heavens sake!  Doesn't he deserve the same consideration as anyone who's made a mess of things in his private life.  Understanding, or its attempt, ought to be the first reaction on all our parts, when other peoples' trouble become revealed to us.  It would take us a lot further than all the lip smacking in the world.
You are exactly right, Alan.
He's just another schmuck...just like the rest of us.

It's hard to dig up compassion for a strong, handsome zillionaire with the world at his feet, though.

Regarding the paparazzi:  they're vultures. I'm surprised that more of them haven't had their clocks cleaned.
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