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I wasn’t particularly drawn to see the movie Twilight, but having finally seen it lately, I must say I was completely drawn to it for two reasons. One is as Edna said in her  post, the power to ally youth and depth, that teenagers like Bella and Edward, have the ability of deep feelings and a power of love that can last forever (though I am skeptical given Edwards request that ends 2nd episode). The second reason I liked Twilight was mentioned in other posts, the holding back on sexuality. I think that there are two ways of making people feel sexually aroused. You have the option to bring sexuality to the forefront, with many naked and sex scenes, or alternately, bring forward the strong sexual desire and the inability of resolving it. This lack of resolution emphasizes the sexuality through our feeling of the lack, which ultimately results in accentuating the sexual power on us. I find today’s vampire appealing in his being a combination between good and bad, deep and shallow, ready for true love’s sacrifice as well as egotistical indulgence.
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Twilight (Two-Disc Special Edition)

Hey Julie:

Hope your sleep management and sleep cycle rearrangement is coming along better.

Have you read Anne Rice? The vampires in Anne Rice's world are very much today's vampires but at the same time the knowledge of history (or first hand knowledge of history rather) and their level of refinement makes them even more appealing. They are devoid of any sexual pleasure once they turn into Vampires or Immortals however however sexuality very much there. If so I'd like your take on it. If not please do read some of them especially Blood and Gold, Interview with the Vampire and The Vampire Lestat.
Books Discussed
Blood and Gold (Vampire Chronicles)
by Anne Rice
Blood Canticle (Vampire Chronicles)
by Anne Rice
The Vampire Chronicles Collection, Volume 1
by Anne Rice
The Vampire Lestat (Rice, Anne, Chronicles of the Vampires, 2nd Bk.)
by Anne Rice
Memnoch the Devil (Vampire Chronicles)
by Anne Rice
Interview with the Vampire
by Anne Rice
The Vampire Armand (The Vampire Chronicles) Book 6
by Anne Rice
Vittorio, the Vampire
by Anne Rice
New Tales of the Vampires: includes Pandora and Vittorio the Vampire
by Anne Rice

I really could not wrap my head around the Twilight Saga. The idea of imprinting (Jake and the Bella's baby) and that just because Edward is frozen in the body of a 19 (or was it 17?) year old can negate the fact that he is 108, exempting him from the label of pedophile when chasing after 16 year old Bella.  Call me old fashioned, but regardless of how old one looks, or how immortal one is, a individual over a certain age falling for a teenager still in high school is creepy. Very Creepy. 

And my theory of why Edward can't read Bella's thoughts? Its because there aren't any to begin with. My friends have criticized my over analysis of the works but I really feel that there is no depth, no plot (worth looking into) and if you have read the novel's, the writing is horrific.

If you are looking for a good vampire narrative, I agree with Shah in that Anne Rice is an amazing Gothic/horror author well worth the time and (if you collect) money.
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