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Wearing high heels
I'm curious to hear what people here think. It's hard to get a straight answer from women you know because they always want to hear how great they look in them.

Also, I don't buy the "well, just try it" argument. I don't think guys really can try it, any more than a woman can just paste on a beard. I want to know what it's like for a woman to wear high heels, so that involves asking you.

Can anybody explain it?
I love wearing high heels because they make me feel sexy, partly because of the height, partly because of the fun "click click" sound they make when I walk. They also change the way you walk - you have to swing your hips more. They also let me express my personality in the ones I choose.

I also love wearing flat shoes, and I am very happy that my boyfriend seems to prefer flat to heels, because while I enjoy wearing heels, some nights I just want to be more comfortable.

It's much the same reason that I enjoy wearing earrings, or rings, or funky clothes. Just one more aspect of how you dress and how you express yourself.
To add to Serrin's remark, I might not claim that high heels are comfortable, as some dear friends of mine do, but that is not necessarily a mark against them. Formal dining chairs are not the same as lounge chairs, and as a result one does feel differently sitting in them. Fragile wineglasses mean that one drinks differently than one would from unbreakable plastic. So there is also something enjoyable in the artifice, I think. You are aware of your body wearing these strange things, and so it is natural that you are more open to other people being aware of your body too, and consequently they are very useful for "being feminine."

Perhaps someone who had to wear heels all the time would feel differently. This is certainly not my situation, they are special-occasion shoes for me.
Hi everyone, to add to the perspective of what Serrin describes as playing with one’s image and choosing to bring forth a certain part of the personality, I noticed that many women at work prefer to suffer that small discomfort in order to have a more assertive image. As a matter of fact, many come with 2 pairs- the elegant while working and the sports when they go back home. Heels make you feel on top, tall and impressive so they are certainly a good tool  to use in the professional world. They make one feel more "feminine" I agree with Petra, but also more powerful in a way. (though paradoxically they look more fragile  than flat shoes!)
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