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The Living Room General Why do Men Have To Put Women Down? What Causes Women to Put Other Women Down and/or Why Don't Women "Buddy" and Support Each Other More
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What Causes Women to Put Other Women Down and/or Why Don't Women "Buddy" and Support Each Other More
Throughout recorded history there has been a relatively brief time, in this century and the two previous ones,when growing numbers of women have been dedicated to being recognized as fully capable human beings, possessed of innate talents, attributes and skills unique to their sex. Why, then, do some women, even those who say they believe in women's competence and ascendancy into positions of influence, continue to disparage, to "put down," undercut, disparage or fail to support achieving, competent women and/or those who in a valid, recognizable way possess an outstanding quality or attribute? 
How about a for instance?
There are a lot of ways to put  people down.  And a lot of reasons.

In response to Linda OReilly
I believe, you can only differentiate right from wrong -- once the fate strikes... (wife adultery, being robbed, not being able to speak up or get a job...) never experienced all those things? regarding human arbitrary moral interactions: take a closer look at the privileges or the religious freaks, the so-called moderate muslims or the evangelical fanatics.  The silent majority is lonely in this western world and the prosperous islamic Allah seems to know this brutality and so they win it all, eh? -- What's wrong about putting people down, if it is already 99,99% the truth? Now U choose: Hollywood or just WaltDisney? pursue your dream and Life's ambition at any cost, even if U have to kill others! Girl gangs target MEN for "date-robbery" and are we supposed to feel sorry for these MEN? Our common cultural image about women: they're cute, nice, submissive, sexy, weak...  -- Realität vs Realité -- Don't talk, don't tell - go deaf with your earphone! yeah, exactly but I'm too young to understand the long-term hearing damage and besides, this is my Lifestyle, so what? Oh, Why me, Lord?

In response to Ignaz Lai
Bit of a rant.  Is there a point to it that I am missing?
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